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Today, fairplaid is Germany's largest crowdfunding platform for sports, and full-service partner of the leading funding initiative "Municipal Crowdfunding". By the end of 2019, we have already distributed more than EUR 7.2 million for over 1,000 projects. Our funding instruments and mechanisms stand for fair and sustainable project funding; our partners are committed companies, organisations, foundations as well as associations and clubs.

Our goal is direct social impact. The fairplaid funding solutions are based on a holistic approach, from technological operation, to full-service support and individual consulting of project starters in order to use crowdfunding as a powerful communication tool.

With our project starters we rely on the "all-or-nothing" principle. This results - combined with with the full-service support - in a clear definition of objectives and an above average success rate of our projects. All of our projects produce success stories non-stop through campaign-driven activation of supporters and donors - and thus free content for scalable reach.


Companies of different sizes receive thousands of requests for donations and sponsoring every year, which creates enormous social and political pressure.
Most of them are answered only very conditionally or with a rejection and a negative tonality. Despite decreasing budgets, public expectations of companies as social sponsors are increasing at the same time.

To ensure that companies fulfil their expected role and are able to offer positive communication as "facilitators" (not as "refusals"), fairplaid-Crowdfunding offers a holistic solution. The so far used sponsoring and donation volume will be used more efficiently and generate a multiple of the total volume distributed - the "social return" becomes scalable.

Data protection, security
"Made in Germany"

Scalable crowdfunding concept

Development and full-service support

Specialists and networks

NO MORE REJECTIONS: Our crowdfunding service and mechanism gives every project a real and fair chance of realization - and creates many occasions on positive communication.

OPTIMIZING RESOURCES: Due to the extensive service and digital processes, no more capacities are lost in pure administration, but become available for activation and communication.

OUT TO THE PUBLIC: The viral effect means that many more people learn what the company does for the region and the projects!

NO LIMITS: Crowdfunding does not know any upper limits - your crowd will find the means for meaningful projects.

FULL TRANSPARENCY: Crowdfunding is transparent, democratic and comprehensible for all and leaves no room for unjust allocation of funds.

CONTENT-MACHINE: The projects consistently produce positive success stories - masses of socially relevant content for your department of communication and the media.


YOUR OWN CROWDFUNDING PLATFORM - the specific in-house development of the white-label solution enables us to meet the individual needs of our partners/customers. The implementation does not require any additional resources from our partners, they are advised and supported during the on-boarding and throughout the entire operation.


  • Software Development
  • Whitelabel & Modules
  • Contest & Activation Formats
  • Individual graphics & design

Project Support

  • Full-service project consulting
  • Portal operation & support
  • Partner Module for rewards
  • Campaign Activation


  • Content marketing
  • Concept & campaigns
  • Design & Production
  • Media packages: SportCombi


Full Service Provider Crowdfunding.
Selection of our funding and partner platforms.



fairplaid Crowdfunding offers the most innovative development of donations and sponsoring. fairplaid offers you as a partner attractive placement opportunities in highly emotional environments and the reaching of the most attractive target groups -> the movers and shakers and committed people in sports and society.

OFFICIAL AND STRATEGIC PARTNER including funding pot (possibility to choose project channel)

SPORTFAIRLIEBT PARTNER with access and activation of the fairplaid community (magazine, social media etc.)

PARTNER CROWD including company profile as "Branded Page" in own L&F

SPORT COMBI (BIGGEST SPORTMEDIA NETWORK) Cross-Media Packages, incl. action format DNA of Sports as Social/Content Wall


Our funding pool partners increase the social return on their funding and budgets - by directly involving the population (crowd) as co-sponsors and co-decision-makers, the funds are used optimally in line with demand.
Existing funds will be distributed for projects according to individually determined criteria. The funds are allocated democratically and transparently. What counts is the commitment of the project starters, who win supporters for their projects through their crowdfunding campaign - whereby only desired / "eligible" projects are successful.

Scalability of the resources used - Increase in social return
Sustainable use of subsidies - transparent use, the crowd decides
Monthly amount of funding
High incentive for project starters - Strengthening project acquisition
Direct, democratic and transparent support for projects
Support for the first projects per month
Individual support mechanisms (inital funding, project boost, 10EUR per supporter, etc.)

Example: The sportfairliebt funding pot from fairplaid in the video

Every athlete, every team, every club, regardless of sport or level, should have fair and equal chances to pursue their passion without encountering financial obstacles. An initiative of

Click here to see the video!


Supporters of projects on fairplaid platforms are rewarded with givebacks. To make this possible, fairplaid has developed a new type of voucher and reward module, in which, for example, products, tickets, vouchers, test products or merchandising products are directly and actively embedded in the funding process.

This offers a unique link between project starters and supporters with companies, foundations and sponsors. In our digital market you do not promote with money, but with your product. You do not only support one association, but many projects at the same time without much effort. Thanks to the fairplaid-crowdfunding system, the positioning is multiplied with every new project, because every project starter advertises his project and thus also your reward. Your company is thus indirectly promoted on social media channels, the press and on TV.


You would like to give something back to the committed and doers of our society, you do things differently and are convinced of innovative and sustainable approaches?

Then you should become part of our partner initiative. Become a supporter of sports as a fairplaid partner.




Team & Contact

Torsten Lührs

Managing Director
Partners & Cooperations
0711 21 72 597 6

Philip Gräter

Whitelabel & Cooperations
0711 21 72 597 6

Francesca Poschen

Crowdfunding Coach & Management
0711 21 72 597 7

Steffi zur Loye

Crowdfunding Coach & Lab
0711 21 72 597 0

Lena Klösel

Crowdfunding Coach & Social Media
0711 21 72 597 8

Raven Dietenberger

Technology & Development
0711 21 72 597 0

Anja Balleer

Communication & Whitelabel Support
0711 21 72 597 0

Oliver Hrnecek

Partner & Events
0711 21 72 597 9

Steffen Sauer

Crowdfunding Coach
0711 21 72 597 0

Marina Merkl

Accounting & Backoffice
0711 21 72 597 0

Imprint and contact

Torsten Lührs/Philip Gräter

Phone: 0711 21 72 597 0

fairplaid GmbH
Sophienstraße 26
70178 Stuttgart

Berlin office:
Leipziger Str. 120
10789 Berlin

Hamburg office:
SPM Sportplatz Media GmbH
Eiffestraße 68
20537 Hamburg

Cologne office:
fairplaid GmbH
Oskar-Jäger-Straße 173
50825 Köln

Local court Stuttgart
HRB 743209
Sales tax ID: DE286178941

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